Startup/Business Consulting

Why Startups are Different
Startups need everything, Branding. Brand Messaging. Mission Statements. Product or Services. Unique Selling Propositions. Business Models. Product/Market Fit. It’s a lot to think about when what you really want to be doing is working on your product or service.

How we Help:

Rob has personally founded, ran and successfully exited out of 7 companies he started, so he knows the process. Whether you’re just figuring out what to do, or figuring it out how to do it better, we can help you avoid costly and time-consuming mistakes that most startups make.

Rob is the Co-Founder of Canalco Consulting and is serving in the capacity of Principal to drive new business development initiatives, client engagements and project delivery opportunities. He utilizes his expertise of business management, strategy, marketing, creative direction & branding to attain exceptional performance. He is responsible for defining marketing strategies for a firm specialized in multi-dimensional technology for experiential learning and human achievement.